Hollywood in Hackney

L.A. style Lindy Hop is the Los Angeles version of swing dancing made famous in Harlem, New York in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Today, dancers from all over London are looking for more ways to enjoy their swing dancing!

Hollywood in Hackney is proud to invite experienced and beginners, one and all to learn this smooth-style version swing dancing, giving everyone a new found connection with their dance partners and friends!


With a limited class size, we can provide you detailed and specific feedback to you, and your partner, during the dance lesson. This will help you to focus on learning to improve your technique, style and connection!  We can’t wait for you to meet us for the next class!

Learn more about the Class Lead – Mytch

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Thursday’s in May!

Welcome to the first, Hollywood in Hackney Feedback Class for Intermediate Swing Dancers. For 4-weeks we will review foundational Lindy Hop  steps, providing you an improvement with your connection, movement and style. With a limited number of spots available to 12 people (6-couples), we will be able to provide you feedback to each individual for the hour-and-a-half we spend together in each of the following classes:

  1. Thursday, 4 May
  2. Thursday, 11 May
  3. Thursday, 18 May
  4. Thursday, 25 May

Focused on  individuals, we have specifically designed our classes for you to sign up with a dance partner. Working with this same person for each class, the two of you will begin to establish a connection that will help you to excel in learning, practicing and setting a new standard to your Lindy Hop.

We can’t wait to get started – so sign up now using our handy PayPal link – see you soon!

Sign Up as a Couple (Lead + Follow) = £80.00

Sign Up as a Lead = £50.00

Sign Up as a Follow = £50.00

Sign Up for one class = £15.00 (per class)


About – Mytch

With 20-years of dance experience that has graced the social and competitive swing dance floors of Los Angeles, California, Mytch now calls London, England home. Having learned from the likes of Erik & Sylvia, Kim & Dave, who helped to share their love and joy of L.A. lindy hop, or ‘smooth style’ lindy, Mytch is eager to share …

Physics and Lindy Hop

This is a phenomenal video I stumble upon of Los Angeles dancers Nick Williams and Carla Heiney from the Discovery Channel. While not a deep dive into the physics of movement and connection, this is worth a quick watch to see all the effort we go through while dancing, and even performing aerials!