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Thursday’s in May!

Welcome to the first, Hollywood in Hackney Feedback Class for Intermediate Swing Dancers. For 4-weeks we will review foundational Lindy Hop  steps, providing you an improvement with your connection, movement and style. With a limited number of spots available to 12 people (6-couples), we will be able to provide you feedback to each individual for the hour-and-a-half we spend together in each of the following classes:

  1. Thursday, 4 May
  2. Thursday, 11 May
  3. Thursday, 18 May
  4. Thursday, 25 May

Focused on  individuals, we have specifically designed our classes for you to sign up with a dance partner. Working with this same person for each class, the two of you will begin to establish a connection that will help you to excel in learning, practicing and setting a new standard to your Lindy Hop.

We can’t wait to get started – so sign up now using our handy PayPal link – see you soon!

Sign Up as a Couple (Lead + Follow) = £80.00

Sign Up as a Lead = £50.00

Sign Up as a Follow = £50.00

Sign Up for one class = £15.00 (per class)