About – Mytch

With 20-years of dance experience that has graced the social and competitive swing dance floors of Los Angeles, California, Mytch now calls London, England home.

Guest Teaching at Tiger Rag
A fun night out!
Guest Lead in Islington the London Swing Cats.

Having learned from the likes of Erik & Sylvia, Kim & Dave, who helped to share their love and joy of L.A. lindy hop, or ‘smooth style’ lindy, Mytch is eager to share his passion for the famed swing era dance.

Checkout these clips and then get in touch to learn more about joining us for more classes at Hollywood in Hackney!

Class 1 – Thursday 4 May

Thursday, 4 May
7:30PM till 9:00PM

This foundation class for Intermediate Swing Dancers will give you the skills necessary to elevate your Swing Out. Leads will learn how to style for the Dean Collins Whip and project the connection necessary for the Follows to do their Swivels.

To make this, and other classes equally exciting and challenging, we will have a Weekly Challenge to help you progress from week-to-week!

Class 2- Thursday 11 May

Thursday, 11 May
7:30PM till 9:00PM

Using our Intermediate Swing Dancers Foundation class as your baseline, Class 2 begins to expand your knowledge on how to connect with your partner and execute a Shoulder Release that has POP!

Leaders will understand their role as the Leader; providing trust, security and confidence on the social dance floor. Follows will develop their insight for knowing when they have connection, and therefor dance with more grace and style to their Switches.

This weeks challenge brings a new level in testing yourself – Swing Out variations, with Swivels, Switches and Shoulder Releases.

Class 3- Thursday 18 May

Thursday, 18 May
7:30PM till 9:00PM

This is the best class of the series! Everything is coming together for the Intermediate Swing Dancer – you’re establishing your own style and bringing a new level of connection by establishing real-time feedback with your dance partner.

Get ready to work on an L.A. centric element of using a pulse in your Closed Position and Sugar Pushes to Jockey for Floor Position. This is a handy tool for Leads and Follows both, to respectfully establish your position on a crowded dance floor.

This clip of Dean Collins, dancing to Micheal Jackson’s Billie Jean, is a prime example of how such a seemingly simply move can be the most useful step in your dance step arsenal.

Class 4 – Thursday 25 May

Thursday, 25 May
7:30PM till 9:00PM

The Texas Tommy is going to our focus for the phenomenal and final class of the Hollywood in Hackney Intermediate Feedback Class series for May.

This move is elusive for some, and natural for others. For Leads, you need to have established yourself as a confident lead for your partner to trust you when performing this move. And if done well, the Follows will be able to have a strong sense of ownership to style this move!

Our final in-class challenge will be a combination of all the footwork and moves we have practiced throughout the month! This is your chance to shine before taking these new styled moves out onto the social dance floors, lindy exchanges and maybe even a contest or two. Yeah boy!